Google Interviews’ Craziest Questions!

google interview

Google is the one company, which is not only well known of its greatest product – the search engine, but also of it’s job interviews. Having career and working for Google is usually taken as a gift, a chance for the whole life, the best thing that could ever possibly happen. Still, an interview wouldn’t one without the questions’ part. Google is always prepared to suprise every newbie with its, sometimes, awkard, yet awesome quiz. I’ve gathered some interesting questions from various portals, in my oppinion, those are really the best. Well then, let’s start our interview, shall we?

  1. If you were to get rid of one state in the US, which would it be and why?
  2. A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero.  What does he say and why is he here? (made my day!)
  3. If the probability of observing a car in 30 minutes on a highway is 0.95, what is the probability of observing a car in 10 minutes (assuming constant default probability)? (the actual answer is not 0.95/3, but 63%. Try to solve it!)
  4. There’s a latency problem in South Africa. Diagnose it.
  5. How long it would take to sort 1 trillion numbers? Come up with a good estimate.

This is just the small part of the whole weird nightmare. Google interviews are really something. It’s not possible to prepare for them, though, cold temperament and clear thinking indeed help one to take the input, and successfully spit out the answer!

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  1. Defining few of the google questions might not helpful for a reader, that may not give a right insight , However I would like to write something like this to crack the google interview :

    If you talk about the programming then :

    (Step-1) : You should have practical understanding of the Algorithms (e.g. When to use BackTracking, When to Use Divide and Conquer, Why double hashing required ?,Where brute force concept can be applied ?)

    (Step-2): You should have practical understanding of Data Structures e.g. (Practical use cases related to :when to use circular buffer , or when to use adjacently list )

    (Step-3) : You must practice several coding problems to implement the things which learn from Step-1 , and Step-2 (you may do the following choose any coding language for the choice of yours (C,C++ or Java or Python or PHP)

    Other than that :

    However other than programming you might need to understand the main concept for the interview is to keep the interview active and this requires some action from your side, such as the following:
    You need to talk
    You need to explain
    You need to discuss
    You need to express your views
    You need to understand clearly the questions given to you
    You need to understand the interviewer’s expression and mindset to un- derstand those questions
    You might need to ask appropriate questions to understand the question or any other discussion item.

    However other than programming you might need to look on the  below points that can help you to understand the overall concept :

(Possibly that may  help you to have  further thoughts to think what extra you might need.)

    Why Google will not hire you ?,

    Here Google doesn’t mean the Google, it means any company which is very creative to introduce the computer science related products e.g. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, ..or any one else which you feel to be a reasonable fit 

    Please see the attached ppt, that provide few points that might be helpful to plan the missing things around you If exist.


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